About the Project

It's A Labor of Love

And Idea Was BornTwo Pep Band Members Walk Into a Bar...

The Pep Banned documentary idea was born during a bar conversation between two former band members, Dan McKeon and Ron Culberson. During their swapping of favorite Pep Band stories, Dan’s wife Kit said, “This would make a great documentary!”

Eventually, it was determined that there was the need to preserve this vital piece of the University of Virginia’s history. The band’s archived documents were retrieved and over 6,500 documents, photographs, and memorabilia were scanned. The next step was to put it all together so that this unique story will be told and the band’s legacy will live on.

As a non-profit endeavor, the film’s producers seek donations to support the project. If you are interested in contributing, click here: Donate

The TeamProducer and Director

The film’s Director is Charlottesville-based filmmaker Chris Farina, a 1982 UVA graduate, though most local folks will know him more as the long-time owner of the Corner Parking Lot. His memories of the late Pep Band include the 1970’s football crowd hanging out on “the hill” for the halftime show before leaving as the team was often down by 30+, along with the Band’s performance at the West Virginia game with a hilarious Family Feud skit that greatly irritated the reps from our neighboring state.

A few of Chris’s past films include Seats at the Table a film about Andrew Kaufman’s UVA class Books Behind Bars, another educational film World Peace and other 4th-Grade Achievements, about local educator John Hunter and his World Peace Game, and West Main Street, a look back at Charlottesville’s past through the memories and stories of many wonderful local residents.

The film’s Executive Producer is Ron Culberson. For twenty-seven years, Ron was a speaker, humorist, and author of four books including, Do it Well. Make it Fun. The Key to Success in Life, Death, and Almost Everything In Between. He believes that the success of his career was a direct result of his time in the UVA Pep Band.

Ron was a member of the band from 1979-1983. He served on the Show Committee each year and during his fourth year, he was co-chair of the committee and one of the band’s field conductors.

Scrambling, Scrambling, ScramblingA Sample of the Band's Antics